Welcome to MyEquipAuctions.com the weekly digital auction marketplace for industrial equipment.

MyEquipAuctions.com is a WEEKLY digital publication is designed to help readers locate industrial auctions on a regional or national basis. MyEquipAuctions.com's digital publication is distributed to motivated buyers who are looking to buy equipment from some of today's leading auctioneers across the country. These buyers have provided us with their email address as a way to notify them when a new issue has been posted.

MyEquipAuction.com is updated WEEKLY providing viewers a fresh selection of equipment being sold. The latest issue can be read online every Monday.

MyEquipAuctions.com is promoted within the Print & Digital pages of our leading publications in the Industrial Division of Heartland Communications Group, Inc., well recognized publications that have continued to reach buyers since 1966. Inclusion with our branded publications on their specific industry websites provides all auction companies with added visibililty, websites that collectively receive over 50,000 unique readers/visitors per month.

These unique readers will provide a continuous stream of new active buyers to MyEquipAuctions.com's digital publication.